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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Black Diamond

Black diamonds set in white gold...
Whoever said diamonds must be white and sparkly?
Black diamonds are not the in things, especially for Men's designs!

Coral Sphere

Red coral polished into a spherical shape from Taiwan

Pyrite Cube on Matrix

Pyrite.. also known as Fool's Gold... seen here on matrix.

Be a fool to think that it is gold..

Afghanistan Lapis Lazuli

Sky Blue Lapis Lazuli from an old mine in Afghanistan

Supposedly getting rarer and rarer in the mineral kingdom.. nice blue speckled with white calcite and brassy pyrite!
What more can one ask for?

Carved Malachite Box

Small but beautiful...

This malachite box is entirely hand carved from malachite and has a nice finish!

Rhodochrosite and calcite container

I seriously think that this container is meant for compact powder and other precious stuff...

It has a top made of Rhodochrosite and a base entirely carved from pink calcite.

Why pink??

Perhaps it will make your foundation more pink and contribute to a glowing complexion?

Looks simply too precious to use...

Agate Snuff Bottle

From Wikipedia:
Snuff bottles were used by the Chinese during the Qing Dynasty to contain powdered tobacco. Smoking tobacco was illegal during the Dynasty, but the use of snuff was allowed because the Chinese considered snuff to be a remedy for common illnesses such as colds, headaches and stomach disorders. Therefore, snuff was carried in a small bottle like other medicines. The snuff bottle is comparable to the snuff box used by Europeans.

Here I have a snuff bottle in my collection carved entirely of Red Agate:

Feast your eyes...