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Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year Shopping

Was at Jurong Point today when I came across the Singapore Mint Roadshow whereby they display a whole range of products from Singapore Mint. The personal practice of buying a gold coin, or rather a small gold coin, every Lunar New Year has not waned for me.

However, I was a little disappointed when the 3 teenagers manning the little booth at Jurong Point were more interested in talking amongst themselves and fiddling with the apps on their iPhones then to bother to attend to customers.

Worst still... when I asked them about the product specifications, like how heavy the coin was, how much the pricing was, etc. They too were not familiar...

Nonetheless, after looking thru the catalogue which was provided there, I finally managed to get all the specifications and pricing right. Which makes me wonder, why even bother to set up a booth there, when they could have merely set up a vending machine?