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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DIY Bling

In the mood for some DIY bling recently...

Chanced across a very simple looking 7 diamond pendant recently that was on sale..
and came across another nice looking tie clip at another store..

Combined the both myself using some jewellery epoxy... and voila..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fancy White Diamond Ring

You are not wrong if you mind this particular ring design a tad bit too familliar!

Well... this ring is actually modified from my old ruby ring that I featured some time ago.
As the band was too thin and the ruby too feminine, the ring had a makeover...

And it now has a fancy white diamond as well as thicker band, which makes it look like a stacked ring!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baba Bling

Hanging banners along the roads caught my eyes... the words 'Baba Bling' together with an image of a piece of vintage jewelled brooch set with intan diamonds caught my eye:
Turned out that the Singapore Peranakan Musuem is having a special exhibtion that showcases traditional Peranakan jewellery!

So decided to explore the place, as I had never been to this place... and I must say that I was indeed impressed by the collection within the Baba Bling exhibit. Sad to say, no photography was allowed within that particular hall! Not too sure for whatever reasons...

But I am glad to bring you other pictures from the other halls!

Golden belt sets, look at how intricate the designs are:

Amulet collection:

Brooches, set with intan diamonds:

I learned that the Pernakans have different jewellery for different occassions, and even have mourning jewellery during the mourning period. Also, some of the jewellery are also influenced by Western influence.

Even their utensils are made of precious bling!

See these silver plates, teapots, cups and kettles with their intricate designs, these are used during the wedding ceremonys:

Intricate works like the one featured below, is actually a bed room adornment for the newly wed:

Not to mention the luxurious looking bolster and pillow ends:

as well as the curtain hook:

Last but not lest, some pictures of the sireh (betel nut) containers which many of the rich Peranakan ladies loved to chew on!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vintage Swarovski Crystal Boat Bead

I was given this particular Swarovski Crystal bead part recently. Suppose to be a vintage bead part.

Was given this piece because the store that I frequent know that I just love cameos and intaglios, so they gave this interesting piece to me. Sort of similar to reverse carved gems, this bead seems to be moulded rather then carved.

Nonetheless, it makes an interesting piece!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DIY 'Resize'

I am quite pleased with myself as I managed to 'resize' the ring I got from the Metropolitian Museum of Art.

It was a tad too tight initially...

So with the aid of a pair of pliers, jewellery polishing cloth, I managed to stretch the ring just a wee bit so that it could accommodate my fingers.

After the 'resize':

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mystery Ring unveiled!


It really is time to break the mystery behind what's on my ring:

The central stone is a rough sapphire crystal that has been just polished to show its inner beauty...

And this is further accentuated with two little yellow diamonds on the side..

I think this piece is an interesting mixture of both rough and facetted stones!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Montblanc problems

Think the brand 'Montblanc' is really named after a mountain for the right reasons!

Look at the mountain of problems it has given me..

First the greenish rust like stuff appearing on the platinum plated clip..
Then the sapphire dropped out last year..

Sent it for repair and it came back in January!

When I took it out again recently:

The tarnish is back!!! I really wonder how a brand that is well known for its pens can afford such shoddy work!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arty Stash

My newest stash of the day comes from The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York!

Walked past the store today, and was attracted by the large words "Moving Out Sale"! It turns out that all Singapore outlets of the The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York will be closed soon with tomorrow, Wednesday 15/07/2009, the last day to grab some last minute deals!

I actually bought all these:

A pair of sterling silver spiral cufflinks with Javanese inspired designs!

A sterling silver Viking ring (this really looks like a tension ring setting at first glance)

and a pair of Apollo intaglio ear rings!You might be thinking.. that's strange.. why ear rings... truth is.. I will be turning this pair of ear rings into something else.. so stay tuned!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mailer for Singapore International Jewellery Show 2009

I got this mailer in my mail box today!

A mailer for the Singapore International Jewellery Show 2009:
It's going to be held at the Suntec Singapore from 30th July 2009 to 2nd August 2009!
Definitely not to be missed!
Still remember how much stuff I got that last year!
This years theme is on Trends and Traditions, and there is even a showcase of some rare Peranakan jewellery, which I think is probably due to the lingering sensation of the Little Nyona!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Protecting your jewellery!

Some little handy tips on how to protect your jewellery from thefts!

Do not keep precious jewellery items in the bedroom. This is because master bedrooms are always the first place burglars go after breaking in to a home.
Do not keep your most expensive jewellery items in a jewellery box. Once in the bedroom, it’s the first place the burgulars will rumage throught. Keep only inexpensive and costume jewellery items there.
Do not pack jewellery in your luggage, this makes it an easy alternative for the burgulars or even pickpockets to touch and go!
In dark places, or whenever you feel insecure, use pockets in your clothes to hide your rings or other small jewellery pieces!

Pretty handy tips if you ask me...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Live It Up Without Lighting Up rings

The power of campaign jewellery:

From Armstrong wrist bands, to breast cancer pink ribbon pins to Bvlgari save the children ring, Jewellery is indeed a strong way to put words across to others..

Came across this interesting rings known as 'Live It Up Without Lighting Up'

The lucky few who have the rings are encouraged to wear the ring and be proud of their commitment to ‘Live It Up Without Lighting Up’. They can also pass the ring to a friend or family member and encourage him/her to quit smoking.

Pretty cool design, don't you think so?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Zebra Agate

This agate cab was bought pretty long ago...

It's alternate bands of black and white are just reminiscent of the zebra!

Not too sure if this is soaked in sugar solution and then heated to get a black colour!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stunned By Stone makes it to TOP 3!

It has been an exciting weekend for Stunned By Stone...

We're officially in the Top 3 of the Fashion Category of Entrecard!!!

Thanks to all for dropping!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Red Carpet Inspirations

I apologise for the delay in this posting, had been plagued with problems trying to upload these pictures onto Blogger!

I got notified via email about this event from Lee Hwa Jewellery:

These pictures were taken during this event known as The Red Carpet Inspirations organized by Singapore's very own Lee Hwa Jewellery!

It's basically a showcase of Lee Hwa's luxurious creations alongside another big name in the industry, Ashley Isham, whom has designed gowns worn by celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguillera, and many more!

Just check out the pics:

Indeed an eye opening experience!