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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baba Bling

Hanging banners along the roads caught my eyes... the words 'Baba Bling' together with an image of a piece of vintage jewelled brooch set with intan diamonds caught my eye:
Turned out that the Singapore Peranakan Musuem is having a special exhibtion that showcases traditional Peranakan jewellery!

So decided to explore the place, as I had never been to this place... and I must say that I was indeed impressed by the collection within the Baba Bling exhibit. Sad to say, no photography was allowed within that particular hall! Not too sure for whatever reasons...

But I am glad to bring you other pictures from the other halls!

Golden belt sets, look at how intricate the designs are:

Amulet collection:

Brooches, set with intan diamonds:

I learned that the Pernakans have different jewellery for different occassions, and even have mourning jewellery during the mourning period. Also, some of the jewellery are also influenced by Western influence.

Even their utensils are made of precious bling!

See these silver plates, teapots, cups and kettles with their intricate designs, these are used during the wedding ceremonys:

Intricate works like the one featured below, is actually a bed room adornment for the newly wed:

Not to mention the luxurious looking bolster and pillow ends:

as well as the curtain hook:

Last but not lest, some pictures of the sireh (betel nut) containers which many of the rich Peranakan ladies loved to chew on!

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