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Monday, November 30, 2009

Wedding Jewellery Shopping

Went on a spree with my colleague who was looking for a pair of wedding bands.

Eventually, they settled on a pair of Destinee bands at Lee Hwa Jewellery! It even came with a free wedding pillow as well as a jewellery box!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Start of Feature Friday

I am thinking of starting a Friday special called Feature Friday whereby I will feature a design / designer's work. It could either be a handmade jewellery designer or some haute couture brand.

Anyone with any comments or recommendations to make?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gold price breaks $1,195 an ounce

LONDON (AFP) - – The price of gold soared above 1,195 dollars an ounce for first time in history here on Thursday, following a purchase of IMF gold by Sri Lanka's central bank.

Gold hit 1,195.13 dollars per ounce at around 0400 GMT on the London Bullion Market, extending its record-breaking run.

The precious metal has won support in recent weeks from inflationary fears, the weak US currency and increasing moves by central banks to diversify assets into gold.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced Wednesday it had sold 10 tonnes of gold to Sri Lanka's central bank for 375 million dollars as part of a restructuring of its financial resources.

It was the third IMF sale of gold in a month as the Washington-based institution seeks to reduce its dependence on lending revenue and bolster its finances amid the global economic crisis.

The sale brought the total IMF gold sold to central banks to 212 tonnes. India bought 200 tonnes between October 19 and 30 for 6.7 billion dollars and Mauritius bought two tonnes on November 11 for 71.7 million dollars.

Prices had smashed their way to record levels on Wednesday amid a newspaper report that India was mulling the purchase of more IMF gold reserves.

A weaker greenback makes gold cheaper for buyers using stronger currencies, which tends to boost demand and prices.

At the same time, fears over higher inflation have also lifter the market because gold is widely regarded as a "safe-haven" investment in times of economic uncertainty.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks to Entrecard Droppers

Many thanks to all Entrecard Droppers who have been dropping by recently.

This humble blog of mine has once again been gaining popularity on Entrecard!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cazenovia Jewelers Commercial

What an ingenuous way to get a dog for a proposal stint!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

3 new ancient crocodile species fossils found

WASHINGTON – A 20-foot-long crocodile with three sets of fangs _ like wild boar tusks _ roamed parts of northern Africa millions of years ago, researchers reported Thursday. While this fearsome creature hunted meat, not far away another newly found type of croc with a wide, flat snout like a pancake was fishing for food.

And a smaller, 3-foot-long relative with buckteeth was chomping plants and grubs in the same region.

The three new species, along with new examples of two previously known ancient crocodiles, were detailed Thursday by researchers Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago and Hans Larsson of McGill University in Montreal. They spoke at a news conference organized by the National Geographic Society, which sponsored the research.

"These species open a window on a croc world completely foreign to what was living on northern continents," Sereno said of the unusual animals that lived 100 million years ago on the southern continent known as Gondwana.

Hans Dieter Sues of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History said the discovery revises the ideas of what crocodile-type reptiles were like.

"It's a joy for anyone who is interested in ancient life to see," said Sues, an editor at ZooKeys, which published the findings.

The researchers suggest that these crocs could gallop across the landscape chasing prey and yet dive into water and swim.

"My African crocs appeared to have had both upright, agile legs for bounding overland and a versatile tail for paddling in water," Sereno wrote in an article for National Geographic magazine. "Their amphibious talents in the past may be the key to understanding how they flourished in, and ultimately survived, the dinosaur era."

They weren't racehorses, Sereno said, but they could move quickly. Freshwater crocs in Australia manage to eat a few people every year and these would have been able to do as well, he said. However, there were no people around at the time.

The newly discovered species are:

_ Kaprosuchus saharicus, nicknamed "BoarCroc," found in Niger. BoarCroc was a 20-foot-long meat-eater with an armored snout for ramming and three sets of dagger-shaped fangs for slicing. The tusks stuck out above and below the jaw like a modern warthog, said Larsson. "This has never been seen before on any crocodile."

_ Araripesuchus rattoides, which the researchers call "RatCroc," found in Morocco. This 3-foot-long croc was a plant- and grub-eater with a pair of buckteeth in the lower jaw it used to dig for food.

_ Laganosuchus thaumastos, or "PancakeCroc," found in Niger and Morocco. Also 20 feet long, it was a squat fish-eater with a 3-foot pancake-flat head and spike-shaped teeth on slender jaws. Sereno said it probably remained motionless for hours, its jaws open and waiting for prey.

In addition the researchers found new fossils of two previously named species:

_ Anatosuchus minor, "DuckCroc," found in Niger, a 3-foot-long fish-, frog- and grub-eater with a broad snout and Pinocchio-like nose. Special sensory areas on the snout end allowed it to root around on the shore and in shallow water for prey. Its closest relative is in Madagascar.

_ Araripesuchus wegeneri, or "DogCroc," found in Niger, a 3-foot-long plant- and grub-eater with a soft, doglike nose pointing forward.

Sereno has focused since 2000 on fossils in the Sahara Desert, his first find being Sarcosuchus imperator, a 40-foot-long creature that would have weighed 8 tons and which he called "SuperCroc."

The new findings are detailed in the journal ZooKeys as well as National Geographic magazine and a documentary scheduled for Saturday on the National Geographic Channel.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Should I change my Template?

This humble site of mine has already been running for more then a year now, and I am currently contemplating whether I should have a new template for it.

Came across this site that has free website templates and even Joomla templates...

I must say that I am very tempted:

Free templates without any subscription fee or download fees and the best thing is that, the templates are all unique!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Perfectionism in a diamond..

A clear, flawless diamond is sometimes deemed to be an epitome of a perfect, happy marriage.

Indeed, clarity is one of the factors that influence the price of a diamond.

But have you ever thought that it a diamond with some flaws in it would better represent a true relationship? Just like the saying that 'no one is perfect', we should not only live with the flaws but also learn to appreciate the flaws.

So the next time you look at a flaw in a diamond... think are you perfect?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dragon Phoenix Cufflinks...

Received notification that my dragon phoenix cufflinks is ready for collection!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas is here...

You just know Christmas is round the corner when you get plenty of Christmas related jewellery sales in your mail box!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dragon Ring...

A 24k pure gold ring.. gets a makeover...

A rhodium (white gold) plating!
Making it look less gawdy!