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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Protecting your jewellery!

Some little handy tips on how to protect your jewellery from thefts!

Do not keep precious jewellery items in the bedroom. This is because master bedrooms are always the first place burglars go after breaking in to a home.
Do not keep your most expensive jewellery items in a jewellery box. Once in the bedroom, it’s the first place the burgulars will rumage throught. Keep only inexpensive and costume jewellery items there.
Do not pack jewellery in your luggage, this makes it an easy alternative for the burgulars or even pickpockets to touch and go!
In dark places, or whenever you feel insecure, use pockets in your clothes to hide your rings or other small jewellery pieces!

Pretty handy tips if you ask me...


Aires Clemente said...

Clean with care. Depending on the type of stone and setting, you may be
able to clean your jewelry at home with soap and water or with an inexpensive
jewelry cleaner purchased at the drug store. However, some types of treated,
enhanced and even naturally occurring stones like pearl
can be damaged by excessive brushing and typical jewelry-cleaning
concoctions, so check with a jeweler to find out what kind of cleaning will be
best for the life of your piece.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

These are really great tips, Thanks :)