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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finale: Singapore International Jewellery Show 2008

Heavy rains did not deter the crowds from attending the last day of the Singapore International Jewellery Show 2008. Perhaps the lucky draw also played a part in getting people down to make their purchases.

I went down for the second and final time! Going around the exhibition, many exhibitors saw me as a familiar face...

Anyway, went down to my favourite display store, Far East Gems & Jewellery to get more stones as well as to get a quotation for a pair of custom made cufflinks!

Here's my stash of the day:

5 pieces of colour change garnet with a total carat weight of 0.99 carats.

Note the difference in colour under different lighting conditions!

A pair of Maili garnet with a nice yellowish green colour, total weight 1.3 carats!

This piece below, is not mine, is for a friend for her kind consideration!

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