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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Field Report on JewelFest 2008

Let me first apologize for the lack of photos for this event that I went to today because, there were signs stating no photography inside the tentage of the Jewelfest 2008 outside Ngee Ann City.

So, I can only make do with this picture taken outside the tentage:

Anyway, the show was pretty much normal, in fact, I felt that it was quite overhyped in certain aspects. The local big name jewellers were there distributing and hawking their ware which can easily be seen at any shopping mall.

Perhaps, what caught my attention were the overseas exhibitors like Faberege, which showcased their ever interesting enamelled ware. I have my eyes set on some antique rose cut cufflinks which have very strong Indian or even Pernanakan influence. Still deciding on whether to get them or not.

The hot factor of the exhibition should be the air condition, or rather the lack of it. It was pretty hot and stuffy in the tentage, ventilation was pretty bad, despite the fact that there was not many people. I really wonder what would happen if it is actually crowded on the weekend.

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