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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Think nursing is a boring job?

It's really time to change your point of view, especially after reading Scrubs, an online magazine that covers topics ranging from mind, health, beauty, style, work , love, news, entertainment and even money! It really lives up to what it claims as the nurse's guide to good living!

Currently running on the site is a Scrubs poll that is inviting readers to choose their favourite fictional portrayal of a nurse. I personally choose Carol Hathaway from the ER series because Carol is sensitive towards the lack of recognition the ER nurses experience. The fact that she was involved in a failed suicide attempt by barbiturates shows that she is human after all and has emotions, the part whereby she recovers and gets back to work shows her strong will power that I believe portrays true character in nurses!

Apart from the entertainment, there is also a great segment on the site which is known as The Tip Jar, which is almost similar to Auntie Agony. I personally enjoy reading this segment because, you need not have to be a nurse to use this tips. I was reading the post on how to spot a depressed person, and came across seven great pointers, which I think is extremely useful in real life!


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