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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fann Wong's S$2.5 million bridal bling

he celebrity bride-to-be designed her own jewellery pieces for her upcoming Sept wedding.

For Fann Wong's upcoming wedding to Christopher Lee, the bride-to-be personally designed three lavish jewellery sets totalling S$2.5 million. The three sets of accessories required a staggering 165 carats of diamonds and are sponsored by Celestial by Goldheart Jewelry. It consists of a headpiece, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and earrings.

The couple revealed that the earrings and bracelets that were made by thin filaments and diamonds represented the sweet memories they share together. The September 29 bride divulged, "This design represents hope. When I look at this piece of accessory, I will start to slowly reminisce about the little memories I share with him."

Apart from that, Fann also designed a couple of Bohemian-inspired accessories which consists of a headdress, earrings, and 50 bangles. "I personally love this set a lot. If you were to look at each of the bangles, you will find that they have very simple designs. When you put them together, it is big and heavy but not overly ostentatious."

The most attractive piece in Fann's self-designed jewellery set would be the eye-catching 'Starbliss'. It consists of a 60-carat diamond necklace, bracelet and earring.

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