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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vintage jewellery

With the Christmas around the corner, are you thinking of what accessories to match your outfit for your party?

If you are thinking of vintage as a theme, don't forget to jazz up your outfit with vintage style rings or even vintage pendants! Vintage jewellery definitely has more character and emotions attached to them compared to commercially mass produced modern pieces, which can be molded by the thousands.

Navigating the vintage jewelry market, be it at the auction house or the retail malls, can be of a challenge to both the novice to the expert!

When shopping for vintage jewelry, you should look for a period piece that speaks to you and fits your personality and dressing style. If you plan on wearing the item every day to work and play, make sure it is versatile in a way that it will be able to match with both business and weekend wear.

Another tip in buying vintage jewellery is to choose a piece that you will wear and future generations will want to keep, such an item should also have a strong resale value. Try to stay away from trendy items and stick to the evergreen classics designs that will still be in style years from now.

Some interesting vintage rings I have come across recently include:

Silver & Gold Vintage Ring studded with a Zircon Gemstone.

It is an extremely interesting design that comes in two colour tones ( gold and silver) which are shaped into swirling patterns that join to create a cage-like, concave shape. Additional gold embellishment atop the silver base creates an abstract, flower-like pattern.

Another eye catching piece would be this:
14K Gold Vintage Style rind wide band

This is a very simple wide-banded 14k gold ring that is also elegant at the same time. Small, raised divots throughout the gold band give the simple ring some texture. Looks indeed a evergreen piece destined to withstand the waves of time!

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Interesting post!
I love the look of your vintage jewellery and website.