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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gem Quiz Results

At the Singapore International Jewellery Show, I took a gem quiz at Far East Gem Lab.

And they emailed me the answer:

My Results:
No. 1 correct! Black tourmaline aka schorl!
No. 2 wrong!!!! My guess was lemon quartz.. but its a beryl!!
No. 3 correct! Kunzite!
No. 4 correct! Opal!
No. 5 correct! Malachite
No. 6 wrong!!!! I thought it was green tourmaline... but it turned out to be green glass!
No. 7 correct! Tiger's Eye!
No. 8 wrong... was stucked on this one.. turned out to be turquoise.
No. 9 partial wrong... my guess was sodalite.. but its lapiz.. anyway.. itsnt lapiz a rock consisting of sodalite, pyrite and calcite?]
No. 10 right! Jade!
No. 11 rough diamond! Right!
No. 12 Aquamarine beryl! Right
No. 13 Wrong!!! My guess was quartz.
No. 14 Partial Wrong.. my guess was ruby.. but this one's dyed!
No. 15 Right! Amethyst!
No. 16 Right! Ametrine!
No. 17 Wrong! My guess was emerald.. but is dyed quartzine!
No. 18 Right. Sapphire
No. 19 Right! Agate!
No. 20 Right! Amber!

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