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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pretty upset with local jeweller

As per my post on A genuine case of mistake. To cut the story short, here goes:

I bought a set of bracelet ($198)and earrings ($108) that cost me $306 for a gift from this jeweller chain that has a store at IMM outlet (see scanned copy of receipt).

However, as per their brochure, both hard copy and soft copy downloaded , the price of the ear rings shown on the brochure shows that the pair of earrings is going at price of $98. Refer to picture:

I understand for items that contain diamonds, this slight price variance can be due to the diamond size being different, or the quality of the diamond differing.

But for this case, both items do not have any diamonds set into the pieces.

Even though, it is only a slight difference, I find that it is misleading to the public. Who knows what other prices could be different from what they advertised!

What's worst is that I have not even heard from them since June 26th, the date which I have sent the email to them! I am deeply dismayed they are a member of The Singapore Service Star , which is an accreditation scheme that seeks to recognise and promote businesses that deliver good service and exhibit sound business practices!

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