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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Carat vs Clarity

Would you prefer to have a bigger diamond or to have one with better clarity?

I was earlier at this no frills diamond jewellery store in Singapore and overheard this sales promoter with her sales tactic of getting a big diamond that is over 1 carat is good, cos it has good resale value. But when I took a look at the diamond, gosh, it was so flawed!

Firstly, it does not have any certification by any independent laboratory.
Secondly, the inclusions were horrible! You could see them in the tablet without any magnification at all!

Does size really matter when purchasing a diamond since one of the 4Cs in selecting a diamond happen to be carat?

To me, when purchasing a colourless diamond, it is important to make sure that clarity is not compromised when size is the factor one looks for. As it would be pointless to have a big diamond with inclusions that will affect the fire and scintillation of the stone.

However, when selecting fancy diamonds, size can be seen as the predominant factor, since coloured diamonds are rare, and any diamond that has fancy colours would be rare, thus size of the diamond would be proportionate to its price! Inclusions on the other hand, would be more of providing the finger prints of the diamond as to where the diamond was formed, under what kinda conditions!

Therefore, when purchasing a diamond that you intend to have good resale value, always make the decisive choice, remember that not all diamonds will have resale value.. its only the cream of the crop that will outshine the rest!

Good luck~


Michael said...

Proper Jewellery Handling and Cleaning Tips

Jewellery is always a symbol of beauty, women’s charm, and wealth. quite a lot of Jewellery products are women’s favorite since long. Women are always excited to add new products into their existing jewellery collection. They always feel proud in grand their collection of jewellery in front of people, to show their wealth, knowledge and latest jewellery fashion concepts.

There are few useful tips regarding handling of jewellery:

1. Respect the preciousness of your jewellery. Never wear jewellery when doing household works, like cleaning, cooking or gardening. Wear jewellery for proper occasions or celebrations, which are special for you.

2. Avoid any kind of chemical contact with your jewellery. Your nail polish removers, perfumes, hairspray, and other cosmetics can be harmful for jewellery due to presence of chemicals. These chemical can reduce your jewellery shining caused by polishing.

3. When not in use, place your jewellery items in the boxes or cases specially made for them, which are provided by your jewellery manufactures at the time of buying Diamond jewellery.

4. Avoid wearing jewellery when swimming in a pool. The chlorine in pool water can be harmful for your jewellery.

Fireopal said...

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