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Friday, June 20, 2008

Prophecy Stone

Does it really tell the future?

I have not really found out so yet!!

Anyway, this durian looking like stone, is supposedly pretty rare and costs me quite a bomb! Its energy when held in the hand is rather strong too!


Anonymous said...

Interesting - this stone has the same look and textured 'skin' as the Marcasite specimens i find here at Folkestone - there are all sorts of forms that Marcasite takes and this seems to be one of them - i also find totally smooth skinned pieces, ones with square crystal skins, bubble like formations, etc - and in all shapes and sizes - from 1 gram to a piece i found the other day which is about 9 kilos - i list a few pieces on Ebay cheaply.

WT said...

i just got one of these stone too. nice to see yours

Anonymous said...

limonite after marcasite. i have a TON of these, all shapes and sizes. i found mine in Wisconsin and their energy is Amazing!!!