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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tips on buying Gold Jewellery in Singapore

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Tips for consumers

• Ensure the jewellery is weighed in your presence and without the price tag. Ask for a detailed breakdown on the receipt, which should show the unit price per gram, gold purity and net weight of the gold item.

• You can also send the jewellery to the SAO for testing. Each item will cost $2.40 for an x-ray test, which does not damage the item. Simple pass/fail results can be obtained in an hour, while a fuller report of the actual content of gold and alloy used takes a day.

• If an item fails the test, lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, under the Consumer Proctection (Trade Description and Safety Requirements) Act. Consumers who are overcharged can approach Spring Singapore under the Weights and Measures Act.

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