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Monday, August 3, 2009

Stash from Singapore International Jewellery Show 2009: Moonstone Ring

I do not normally wear rings with cabochons in them as they are kinda too "retro" looking for me...

But this piece really caught my eye when I was at the show!

I like the modern design of the setting, coupled with a good quality moonstone in setting which appears to be part of the ring contour.

Look at the beautiful blue sheen!
It's set in 925 silver, which means, I should get this plated soon..

1 comment:

gemmy said...

This is a real beauty. No wonder you liked it.
The best quality moonstones with the bluish-whitish iridescence you get in Sri Lanka.

Recently I was very much shocked, as I saw a report about treated moonstones. No wonder why some moonstones have an unnatural bluish color.

May be you could add a ball shaped moonstone to your collection.
You will find one here.