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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Protecting your jewellery - Part 2!

Continued from my previous installment on protecting your jewellery!

Consider purchasing a "false-bottom container" to protect your precious jewellery items. Remember to keep these containers in realistic places in your house, and make sure they are not mistakenly thrown away if they appear to be empty.

Consider installing a secure home safe. A safe that can be permanently mounted in your home, in concrete, provides better protection than a small movable safe and can be hooked to an alarm system. Remember that anyone that breaks into your home can probably cart away a small safe easily!

When traveling, always use a hotel or ship safe or security vault for your expensive jewellery items. Do not carry it around! Personal experience from me, as I have lost stuff abroad for not locking them in the hotel safe!

Carry expensive items with you on board planes, ships or trains. Do not put them in checked luggage. You can probably imagine what would happen in the event of lost luggage!

Place jewellery that you don’t wear often in a bank vault. The insurance savings can be substantial.

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