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Friday, August 14, 2009

Thailand's Haunted Heist

A man claiming to be haunted by a ghost after stealing a 30,000 baht gold bracelet from a shop five years ago turned himself to police today.

Jirasak Phahurat, 33, from Chonburi in Thailand told police that a ghost came to him every day for five years, telling him to return a bracelet with the same value to the shop owner.

So, Mr Jirsak bought a new 30-gram gold bracelet and surrendered himself to the Sri Racha District Police station at 11 am today.

Police informed the shop owner, Phayom Phanchotkul, who was given the replacement bracelet.

She said she did not care to pursue a legal case against the man now that he has shown his remorse.

Mr Jirsak walked into the shop one day in October, 2004.

Claiming to be armed, he told the shop owner to give him the gold bracelet. He then fled the scene.

The robbery was recorded on the security camera and police obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Mr Jirasak said he fled to Phatthalung, where the the ghost appeared to him nightly.

“The ghost told me to return to buy a new bracelet and give it back to the shop owner,” Mr Jirasak said.

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